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Jayshri Amin, Entrepreneur

icon-quote2"I train people on how to develop, write and deliver their 'elevator sales pitch', marketing their ideas to potential clients or employers in a minute or less. I needed an effective logo for my PIN60 (or Pitch it In 60 seconds) program that not only captured what I was offering, but also piqued people's interest and got the conversation started. The logo that A Type of Magic created for me for the PIN60 program hit the mark perfectly. A Type of Magic also created a logo for another service I offer, called Shrink to the Inc. Targeted primarily at small business owners, Shrink to the Inc provides advice on overcoming startup hiccups, as well as on marketing, promotions and sales. It is also a bouncing board for new business ideas. The 'Piechart Guy' in the logo makes an apt shrink for this service."